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“Asset Management supports the primary process and includes the organization and all tasks that are required to use all your physical assets throughout the life cycle in a cost-effective way to achieve the business objectives.”.


How can I use my physical assets so well that I do not have to make a new investment for the time being? Is my organization equipped for cost-effective management? How are my physical assets used and maintained?

Traduco is an independent consultancy engaged in Asset Management, or the cost-effective management of physical operating assets. Traduco supports its clients throughout the process of defining, structuring and embedding Asset Management. The approach applied in this process incorporates defining various conditions that are essential for enabling the cost-effective management of all your physical operating assets.

Because taking a risk is simply not an option…

The cost-effective management of operating assets throughout their entire life cycle requires a structured approach supported by Asset Management as a means and methodology.

A high level of commitment from both management and employees is required in order to achieve maximum, guaranteed returns from the application of Asset Management in relation to your corporate goals.
Applying integrated Asset Management will help you achieve your end-goal – optimum cost-effectiveness for your operating assets throughout their life cycle. If you choose this application, you will choose a challenging change process that will fully contribute to your corporate goals.

A Quick Scan is performed in advance of the process. This is a snapshot of the current situation in relation to the four Asset Management focus areas:





The Quick Scan provides you a quick review of the extent to which Asset Management has been implemented at the various management levels in your organisation. To that end, Traduco has a questionnaire which you can fill in either digitally or in hard copy. The questionnaire comprises multiple choice questions covering the four focus areas. Traduco collects the completed questionnaires and processes these into a clear diagram incorporating the different focus area aspects.

The diagram provides you insight into the current situation and the routing you are required to follow within the business processes, systems and organisation so as to achieve the desired situation. The philosophy and principles of Asset Management serve as an assessment framework for this process.

Traduco offers you a succinct report with feedback on the discrepancies identified between the current and desired situation. The Quick Scan provides you a highly valuable kick-off to the process leading to further optimisation of your business processes, systems and organisation within the framework of Asset Management..


By making the Asset Management ideas, the method in accordance with the NEN-ISO 55000, part of the business objective and embedding them in the organization, you come “in control”. The optimal management of your risks and the ability to manage the cost-effective management and maintenance of your assets throughout the life of these resources contribute to a healthy and sustainable organization.


    You can really take, retain and secure the responsibility for safety.


    You are aware, from social responsibility, of the various risks, the negative effects of failure and the consequences for the defined company values.


    You will be able to make an efficiency improvement and provide better management information.


    It will be easier to take responsibility yourself for the continuity of your company.


    It will be easier to justify you to the various stakeholders.


    And it promotes entrepreneurship:
    – Decisions are made on the basis of performance, risks and costs.
    – Do what you are good at, focus on the core activities and leave the rest to someone else.
    – You see opportunities, can grab them and convert them into yield!

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